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Charleston lake watersports

Charleston Lake watersports


June — September

Telephone (613) 924-1794

If you are trying to contact us out of season, please send an email to: waterskiorboard[at]

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Member School of Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada

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Member School of Water Ski Wakeboard Ontario


On The Day

How the Activities are Provided

  1. The activities are based from the boat and not from a dock. Participants are collected from an agreed point on Charleston Lake - usually Charleston Village.
  2. All the necessary equipment is available except for a swim suit, bottled water and towel. (see “What to Bring” below)
  3. All participants are insured by Water Ski Wakeboard Canada. A completed waiver is required.
  4. Minors must have a parent or guardian available to sign the waiver prior to the session start
  5. There must be a parent or guardian available at the lake for minors. If a session terminates early due to adverse weather, injury, etc. there must be a responsible adult to receive participants.
  6. Payment is required in full at the start of the session.
  7. The session time starts when the boat is out on the lake, so includes in getting into the water, being pulled up, dropping back and getting back in the boat. So it is important to be organised with equipment and roster to achieve the best value with the allotted time.

How to Book

Telephone (613)924-1794 to arrange a session. Please leave a message if there is no reply; I am often out on the boat. To enable appropriate equipment to be pre-selected: have available the skill level, weight and size of participants when you call. How Watersports are Sold

The activities are purchased in 15 minute units to form a session. The session minimum is 2 units.

There must be at least the same number units to participants. One unit is plenty of time for one tow at skiing, wakeboarding or kneeboarding and includes the time to get in and out of the water. However there can be as many tows in a session as desired, so that tows can vary in duration to provide the best value for the time purchased.

Note: Non-participants are not normally accepted on the boat. Passengers are therefore only accepted on a discretionary basis with a fee of $15 each.

What is provided

The school provides a a driver/coach, PFDs (lifejackets), skis, boards, tow lines, handles, wetsuits – indeed everything but a swim suit. The boat is a 2006 Malibu tournament ski boat, which is ideal for both skiing and boarding. The boat has a tower and boom (used for instruction) in addition to number of teaching aids are kept on board.

What to bring

  1. The session fee.
  2. A completed WSWC insurance waiver. If a minor, a parent or guardian will need to sign and present this the start of the session.
  3. A bottle of water, sunscreen, a windbreaker/fleece and towel.
  4. A hat and sunglasses are good to have along on sunny days.
  5. One small bag (preferably plastic) to keep your personal items dry. (Please avoid wearing or bringing any items which are unnecessary for the activity)time.

Positively no gum, food or sweet drinks (juice, pop, etc). Please no games, mp3 players, phones, toys, etc.


Boardshorts: if they lack a lining, wear a swimsuit, neoprene shorts or wetsuit underneath. It is the fashion! Boardshorts may not be suitable for skiing as they can scoop water during starts.

Wetsuits help keep participants warm in and out of the water. These also provide additional buoyancy, impact protection and sun protection.